A home automation project for your campervan

Home automation system for my campervan

My name's Chris and I converted a RAM Promaster into a campervan a few years ago. My time in the van is usually spent rock climbing, traveling, and adventuring outdoors, but I'm also always working on projects to improve the van. The most recent project I've been working on has been a home automation system for the van. I'm using a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant as the central hub for this project. This is an ongoing work in progress, but I'm already getting a lot of use out of the system. I decided to create this website for my own documentation purposes, but also for others that might want to implement something similar in their vans. Here is what I have implemented so far.

Wireless Light Switches

Wireless Zigbee buttons that can be installed anywhere in the van to control the lights

Solar Power Monitoring

See how much power you're currently bringing in from your solar panels

Water Tank Level

Monitor how much water is in your fresh water tank

Propane Tank Level

Monitor how much propane is in your propane tank

Van Tilt Sensor

See how flat your van is while parked and never sleep at a weird angle again

Autolocking Drawers

Drawers that lock automatically when the van is started so they don't go flying